The School Objectives


THE SCHOOL OBJECTIVES                                     

Objective 1: academic excellence

To attain a school mean score of 11.5  by the year 2016

Objective 2: Administration

To adopt and develop best administrative and management practices on school resources to maximize productivity and minimize wastage

Objective 3: Co – curricular

To promote and develop talents and participation in co – curricula activities that enable one to compete favourably in the global market

Objective 4: Physical Development

To develop, improve and maintain infrastructure to support curriculum in line with current trends in education and technology

Objective 5: Discipline

To develop, improve and maintain Discipline among all stakeholders to ensure the safety of staff and students, and create an environment conducive to learning.

Objective 6: Income generating activities

To ensure sustainability and reduce the cost of operation.   

Objective 7: Environment

To ensure a clean- green environment for excellence.



The subject is taught by:

Ms Kariuki (HOD) , Ms Hellen , Miss Karanja , Mr Chomba , Miss Njahi , Ms L.Emily

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K.C.S.E Analysis

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