Our Core Functions


OUR CORE FUNCTIONS                                         

The school acknowledges the fact that it is charged with the duty of providing learners with opportunities to:

  • Acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them grow into responsible citizens
  • Promote love for and loyalty to the nation
  • Develop mentally, social, morally, physically and spiritually
  • Enhance understanding and respect for own and other peoples cultures and their place in contemporary society and acceptance and respect for all persons
  • Promote positive environmental and health practices
  • Build a firm foundation for technological, industrial development as well as further education and training and enhance enjoyment in learning
  • Develop ability for inquiry, critical thinking, and rational judgment
  • Develop into a socially well adjusted person, and a self disciplined individual who appreciates work and manages time properly
  • Identify individual talents and nurture them


The subject is taught by:

Ms Kariuki (HOD) , Ms Hellen , Miss Karanja , Mr Chomba , Miss Njahi , Ms L.Emily

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K.C.S.E Analysis

Kindly click on the document below to view our KCSE Analysis

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