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Kabare Girls’ in pursuit of excellence has a vision of being the leading school of choice in provision of quality Education. The school has put strong structures to enable realize this dream. However, the performance is continuously threatened by the numerous cases of bright girls with challenging backgrounds hence cannot raise the required school fees. The school is passionate about  providing education to empower them for the future.

The P.T.A. (parent and teachers association), being sensitive to the life of every girl in Kabare Girls’ has come up with modalities to raise funds towards this worthy course.

We are therefore appealing to all friends of Kabare Girls’ and Old girls, to support this noble course of empowering the girl child.

You can get in touch with the school incase you want to assist.

The modalities for the beneficiaries is as follows: -

Category 1 -       Orphans who do not have guardians

Category 2 -      Orphaned children with needy guardians

Category 3 -      Person with disabilities who are needy

Category 4 -  Single parent students who have lost their spouses through death (partial orphan) and must be needy.

Category 5 -      Single parent students who are needy

Category 6 -      Students whose parents are alive but unable to

                             raise fees.



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